All You Need to Know About Tents

Hello there! Welcome to the next installment of Pink Camo Adventures Camping 101. Today we are going to give all the ladies that are interesting in getting into the outdoors tips and things to consider when it comes to choosing the right tent for your next camping trip. I mean come on! This is where you will be sleeping at night. You will take shelter in your tent, which means you have to make sure it is comfortable.

Get the Right Size

For the ladies who are tall or enjoy lots of space to change or relax, it is crucial to get a tent that will accommodate those needs. You should also consider how many people are going to be joining you in the tent and the amount of time you actually wish to stay there. Are you planning on going with a large family? Then look for a large tent that can fit at least four people. Always choose the right size that fits your needs!

Great Ventilation Features

Especially when camping in humid climates such as the beautiful Biscayne National Park in Florida or other surrounding areas, you can easily get suffocated in a tent. Always buy one that has great ventilation that allows you to breathe comfortably. With advanced technology and design, many have cross-ventilation that also protects you from bugs. Most are not that big and with others sleeping next to you, it can get stuffy real quick! Also, in wet climates having a breathable set up prevents condensation from building up.

There are three-season tents that are great from spring through fall. However, you can also get a quality rain fly to put over your tent during the winters to keep you warm.

Durability and Waterproof

The cost of a good tent can get pricey. However, based on the cost typically means it will last longer. You can always find great deals at end of the year sales from REI and other outdoor gear stores. A quality tent should have lap-felled seams around the floor, which provides extra strength to maintain durability. For uncoated nylon tents, be sure to check for taped seams because nylon tends to unravel. Examine the stress points and make sure it has good workmanship with either extra stitching or bar tacking.

Also, having a waterproof tent will make your life so much easier. Aim to get one that is water-resistant because no one wants to sleep in a wet tent!

Set Up

Whenever you get a new tent, be sure to practice setting up. You should do this if it is your first time camping or for new tents you just purchased. This will save you a lot of time and trouble when you are actually outdoors. Sometimes you may get to your camp site late at night and it can be confusing to fumble through materials to set up the tent for the night in the dark.

Tents have two set up systems: clip systems, grommet systems, and the sleeve system. Sometimes tents will have a combination system. We will talk later within the Pink Camo Adventures Camping 101 series about the different tent systems and tips on how to set up easier!

Lastly, Color!

A girl has to have the right color tent! Okay maybe this is that big of a deal, but for some it is. This is more of a personal preference. Go with a color you love. For those who love bright colors, keep in mind these are great for emergency search-and-rescue situations. When choosing a color remember to consider how well the color deflect sunlight or attracts it. Based on the color, it can develop a nice light inside during the day.

This is the conclusion of our series on all you need to know about tents! As you search for the right one to buy, keep all these things in mind.

Over the next few weeks, Pink Camo Adventures will also provide essential Camping 101 advice to make sure you are well equipped with the outdoor camping knowledge. We want to make sure every female that loves the outdoors will have an adventurous camping trip! So be sure to keep a lookout for the next posts to this series.