UH, What’s a BOW (Becoming an Outdoors Woman)

bow_logoBy now you have seen our post about BOW…or at least I hope you have. BOW is a one of a kind experience for like minded women to get together and learn outdoor skills. There is no intimidation to learn skills related to the outdoors. This past BOW I took classes on freshwater fishing, primitive cooking, geocaching and gps, and even became a certified bow hunter!

When Cynthia, Diane, and I arrived we immediately found the “night owl” cabin. We knew this would be another opportunity to laugh and learn all weekend long.  Cynthia’s friend drove down from Mobile, AL to join us! My friend Lisa drove in from Panama City Beach! A childhood friend’s mom also jumped into BOW with us with both feet. We were joined by a very brave soul who came to BOW by herself because she really wanted to check it out. We became fast buds and hung out for the weekend.

While we all had signed up for classes we were interested in attending, sometimes we discovered we were in the same classes. Sometimes we weren’t. That is O.K. There are bunches of ladies in the same boat, and are usually very friendly and willing to talk about their experience or inexperience.

So whether you are interested in handguns, outdoor photography, boating, or cooking, there is something for every pink camo lady. I cannot wait to see some new friends to join us in the BOW experience in February 2015!